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TriField EMF Meter

TriField EMF Meter

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TriField® EMF Meter Model TF2 The TriField EMF Meter Model TF2 is an AC gaussmeter, AC electric field meter, and radio power density meter in a single unit, that combines all the features needed for fast, accurate measurements of electromagnetic fields (EMF). In addition to standard AC measurement modes, a special frequency weighted mode will properly scale the magnetic and electric measurements to indicate the full magnitude of currents produced by each type of field inside the human body. Features:
• Detects all three types of EMF pollution: AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/microwave
• Special frequency weighting mode for measuring electric current from EMF in the human body
• AC Magnetic Mode covers 40 Hz – 100 kHz with range of 0.1 – 100.0 milligauss (mG)
• AC Electric Mode covers 40 Hz – 100 kHz with range of 1 – 1000 volts per meter (V/m)
• RF Mode covers 20 MHz – 6 GHz with range of 0.001 – 19.999 milliwatts per square meter (mW/m2)
• AC magnetic measurements are 3-axis, allowing for quick readings, regardless of meter orientation
• Large liquid-crystal display (LCD) for crystal clear, accurate readings
• Adjustable backlight for use in low-light environments
• Audio Indicator emits sound that helps to pinpoint EMF sources
• Peak Hold captures fast pulses, for measuring fast digital signals
• Operates for more than 20 hours on a 9V battery, with a low battery indicator Applications:
• Mobile phone and cell tower RF radiation
• Smart meter RF radiation
• Wi-Fi router and Bluetooth RF radiation
• Overhead AC power line and transformer EMF emissions
• Laptop, refrigerator, circuit breaker box, etc. appliance EMF emission
• EMF emission inside aircraft and motor vehicles
• Microwave oven leak
• Location and EMF of wiring in walls
• EMF from plumbing pipes used as grounding TriField Meter Specifications: AC Magnetic: 3-axis, true magnitude
Frequency Range: 40 Hz – 100 kHz
Accuracy: (+/-) 4% at 50/60 Hz
Maximum Range: 100.0 millgauss
Sensitivity (Resolution): 0.1 millagauss AC Electric: 1-axis, true magnitude
Frequency Range: 40 Hz – 100 kHz
Accuracy: (+/-) 5% at 50/60 Hz
Maximum Range: 100 V/m
Sensitivity (Resolution): 1 V/m RF/Microwave: 1-axis
Frequency Range: 20 MHz – 6 GHz
Accuracy: (+/-) 20% at 1 GHz
Maximum Range: 19.999 mW/m2
Sensitivity (Resolution): 0.001 mW/m2 Battery: 9 V alkaline battery
Battery Life: >20 hours
Battery Life with Backlight on: > 12 hours For more information contact: EMF Meter


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