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Q-Link Pendant with SRT-3 (variety of colors/styles available)
Q-Link CLEAR with SRT-3 for Portable Electronic Devices (variety of colors available)
Q-Link CLEAR with SRT-3 for Portable Electronic Devices (PACK OF 5) Variety of colors available
Q-Link Chains (for pendant)
Q-Link NIMBUS with SRT-3
Q-Link NIMBUS with SRT-3
$175.00 $204.90
Q-Link SRT-3 Stratus (Sleek Blue) - NEW! (Including a variety of colors)
Q-Link AC to USB Power Adaptor
PerioClear - Alcohol-Free Mouthwash
PerioScript Oral Cleansing Concentrate
Tongue Cleaner - Plastic
Breath Gel
Breath Gel
Alixxor Frequency Generator - Deluxe Unit
Chi Machine - Vitality Swing USJ-815 Deluxe, 110 Volt  PLEASE CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES
Rebounder with Springs, Stabilizing Bar & Black Frame Skirt
Rebounder with Springs and Black Frame Skirt, No Stabilizing Bar
PRO FITNESS TRAMPOLINE, MODEL 350F, (Folding, bungee cords, no springs)
Sauna ($500 discount on any sauna when you mention Sanoviv Store)
Essential Oil - Peppermint (Organic) - 5 ml
Essential Oil - Lavender Fine (Organic) - 5 ml
Essential Oil - Lemon (Organic) -5 ml
Essential Oil - Tea Tree (Organic) - 5 ml
TriField EMF Meter
BCX Ultra, Rife Machine, Frequency Generator
Alixxor Frequency Generator - Basic Unit
BCX Ultra Vortex Modulator
BCX Ultra Footbath
BCX Ultra Footbath
Excalibur 4 Tray Dehydrator
Q-link Sterling Silver SRT-3 Cross
Relax Sauna
Relax Sauna
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