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Alixxor Frequency Generator - Deluxe Unit

Alixxor Frequency Generator - Deluxe Unit

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NOTE: This item ships from Auckland, New Zealand and may take 10-14 days to arrive.

The Alixxor frequency generator is the most versatile frequency unit available. It has a high-quality design and quality-controlled manufacturing with extensive experience in Rife research and treating patients with frequencies for many health conditions. Health Recovery Systems have designed the Alixxor to be the very best and easiest-to-use frequency unit on the market today.

The Alixxor Deluxe Unit comes with:
• Over 2,000 pre programmed sequences
• Attractive Red Carry case
• Hi gloss hand cylinders
• Hi gloss foot plates with cover socks
• Universal 12v power pack
• Alixxor User Guide
• Electrode cable
• The unique Water Structuring
• The Colloidal Silver Maker
• The Beck Blood Cleanser
• The Rife Frequency Handbook (ebook) by Nenah

The Alixxor Deluxe Unit has the following features:
• One million frequencies - 0 to 10,000 Hz
• Accurate to two decimal places
• Scrollable menu on the LCD screen select and RUN
• Delivers frequencies in steady or pulse mode programmable
• Scans between a range of selected frequencies with forward and back functionality
• Has wobble feature. Oscillate each side of a chosen frequency
• Plenty of memory to save your favorite sequences
• Makes colloidal silver with constant current process
• Acts as a Beck unit to clean the blood.
• Has TENS functions for muscle pains, as used by physiotherapists
• Five year warranty with online registration
• Comes in a handy and attractive, compact carry case
• Plugs into any 12v dc source e.g. your motor car
• Has a Favorites menu to quickly find your popular sequences
• Records your history of use
• Displays a brief description of the various conditions and warnings where necessary
• Web site has login user functionality for detailed use and specific information

Techinical Data:
Input voltage to power pack: 120-250 v AC
Input voltage: 12 v DC
Input Current: 500 ma
Frequency range of stored frequencies: 0.4 Hz – 10,000 Hz
Number of stored frequencies: 1,000,000
Number of stored sequences: 1600+
Range of frequencies available to be stored: 0.01–9999.99 Hz
Application: Through hand cylinders, foot plates, sticky electrodes or electromagnetically
Cable (2): Flexible single core, 1.2 meters in length
Ability to pulse frequencies: Yes (standard pulse time for all)
Run time for default settings: 3 minutes
Maximum run time programmable: 99 minutes
Maximum entries for custom sequence: 32 frequencies
Weight (unit): 0.7 kg
Display: LCD displaying Frequency being run, Sequence selected, Time to run on that frequency, Total time to run
Colloidal Silver maker: 30 v dc constant current
Colloidal Silver ppm: 5-15 ppm selectable
Beck Unit Voltage: 27 volts DC
Dimensions: 210 x 140 x 40 mm
Max output voltage: 40 v
Max current output: 50 mA


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