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High Tech Health

Sauna ($500 discount on any sauna when you mention Sanoviv Store) Call High Tech Health at 800-794-5355

Sauna ($500 discount on any sauna when you mention Sanoviv Store) Call High Tech Health at 800-794-5355

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Thank you for your interest in High Tech Health's detox far infrared saunas and congratulations on taking the most important step toward improving your health!  There are many things you should know before purchasing. 

With over 20 years in this industry, High Tech Health is a pioneer in far infrared technology and makes the safest, most effective saunas in the industry.

More health practitioners recommend our saunas than any other and they have been recommended in over 40 books.

You can see the brochure here.

Our saunas feature Triple Antifield heaters which have the lowest total EMF of any infrared sauna.  Our saunas have the lowest maximum magnetic field and the lowest maximum electric field, both measured at the surface of the heater and we have simple-to-read third-party measurements confirming that.  Ours is the only sauna with third-party confirmed negligible electric field and we have the patent on mitigating electric fields in infrared heaters.  No other company provides electric field test results at the surface of their heater because all of these saunas have high electric field EMF.

High Tech Health saunas are far infrared saunas.  We never use near infrared because the research shows it causes accelerated aging and other health problems.

No plywood, only premium poplar.  We do not use cheap hemlock frame wood like other saunas.

We are the only company to include a fresh air fan that actively vents the air, making for a healthier detoxification by venting the carbon dioxide that also makes enclosed spaces feel claustrophobic.

On top of all that we have a Pioneer stereo system and the best reading/chromotherapy light in the industry.  Our saunas are spacious and easy to assemble.

Available in 3 sizes:
Transcend TR-3 three person sauna
Transcend TR-2 two person sauna
Transcend TR-1 one person sauna


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