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Lauricidin, 227 g

Lauricidin, 227 g

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Lauricidin®, 227 g - Med Chem Labs Exactly what is Lauricidin®? Lauricidin® is the trade name for the original monolaurin discovered by Dr. Jon J. Kabara. Highly purified monolaurin is now commercially available as Lauricidin® due to high tech molecular distillation. This pure pelletized monoglyceride is different from monolaurin capsules in that it contains no fillers, or excipients. It is the only monolaurin that has been clinically tested. Through advanced technology, this natural substance is now available in a pearlized 100% pure form rather than as monolaurin capsules. Capsule monolaurin products contain fillers, additives, or other non-active ingredients. Lauricidin® is NOT obtainable in health food stores or from other distributors. Lauricidin® from Med-Chem Labs, Inc. costs 400-800% less than capsulated monolaurin. The purity of Lauricidin® is higher than the industry standard especially when compared to monolaurin capsules. Most important and different from many drugs and other supplements, ingestion of Lauricidin® is free of any drug side effects. Much like vitamins Lauricidin® taken daily is necessary to achieve optimal health. When you choose Lauricidin® you get the original product with over 40 years of research and free consultation on the proper use of the product by Prof. Dr. Jon J. Kabara. Human studies underway today support the many benefits of Lauricidin® when used daily as a dietary food supplement. Drug claims cannot be made for Lauricidin®. It is difficult and expensive to conduct double-blind drug type experiments for dietary supplements to support such drug claims. However, anecdotal positive reports from thousands of grateful users worldwide suggest that serious consideration should be given to Lauricidin® as an important supplement for attaining and maintaining health rather than for disease treatment alone. Serving size: 1 scoop (1 teaspoons)
1 scoop contains:
Calories (from fat) 27
Total Fat (saturated fat) 3 g
Monolaurin 3000 mg DO:
* Take Lauricidin® in small amounts until you reach your level for optimal health and self healing. This could mean from a few pellets to 1-3 blue scoops/day.
* When air or ship traveling, you may need to increase your maintenance level.
* When faced with stress or "coming down with something," increase the level during these times.
* Take daily for optimal health and self healing much like vitamins. DON'T:
* Do not chew the pellets.
* Do not take too much, too soon in order to avoid a Herxheimer reaction.(die off reaction) Lauricidin® is a concentrated mini-pellet (~30 mg) of sn1 (3)-monolaurin. Monolaurin as a class of direct food additives is consider GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the USA FDA. Lauricidin® is nontoxic and does not interact with most drugs or supplements.


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