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BCX Ultra, Rife Machine, Frequency Generator

BCX Ultra, Rife Machine, Frequency Generator

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BCX ULTRA Rife Machine (Over 20yrs making Rife Machines) predecessor BCX-411, BCX-211, Biotec 2000. The BCX has been totally upgraded and improved making the BCX Ultra the most advanced Instrument in its field. The BCX Ultra now has more power and greater harmonic resonance and includes all the same accessories. Improved BCX technology in a more compact design, now you can take it anywhere with you. BCX ULTRA INCLUDES:
BCX Ultra control unit (110v or 220v available)
2 Metal hand held cylinder electrodes
2 Ray Tubes hand held (Noble Gas glass wands: argon, krypton, xenon & neon)

Metal footplate electrodes

Lead-free glass tubes
Pre-gelled body contact electrodes (1 pair)
DVD Instruction disk
2 year warranty (details) Physical Dimensions: 11.0" x 8.0" x 3.0", 2.5 lbs
Power supply: Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.2A. Output: 24VDC @ 2.0A. 5.5" x 2.5" x 1.5", 1 lb plus cords Controls & Indicators:
- Input: 1 - jack for Power Input (DC power plug, 2.5mm, center positive)
- Outputs: 5 - jacks for Electrodes (2 pairs), Raytubes, LED Wand External:
- Input/Output: jack for Computer (USB Type B)"
- Input/Output: Controls: 8- momentary pushbuttons for Power On/Off, Start/Pause, Stop, Change +, OK/, Change -, Back"
- Indicators: 5- Green LED 16 character alphanumeric display, LED indicators for Raytubes, Electrodes, LED Wand, and Operating. Functions:
- View Built in Instructions
- Run a Pre-program - Scroll or select from either Factory Created name or number, both of which are displayed on the screen.
- Run a User program - Scroll or select from either User Created name or number, both of which are displayed on the screen
- Create, Edit, Save, Run a User program
- View a Program
- Copy a Program to another User program location
- Erase a User program
- Computer Control Capabilities:
- Factory Pre-programs 1424
- User programs: 256
- Output frequencies simultaneously: 1 (Single) or 2 (Dual) - Sequence Frequencies per Pre-program or User program: 80 single frequency, or 40 dual frequencies Variables for each Program (User changeable for User programs):
- Number: 4 digits
- Name: 8 Alphanumeric Characters
- Output Type: Select from 7 types - *Electrodes, *Raytubes, *LED Wand, *Auxiliary, *Electrodes & Raytubes simultaneously, *Electrodes & LED Wand simultaneously, *Electrodes & Auxiliary simultaneously
- Duty Cycle: 1 to 100%
- Duty Cycle Pulse: Waveform type: Select from 15 types Range: 1 to 10,000 Hz, *Resolution: 1 to 9.9999 to 0.0001 Hz,10 to 99.999- 0.001 Hz, 100 to 999.99- 0.01 Hz, 1,000 to 9,999.9 Hz- 0.1 Hz
- Electrode Intensity: 1 to 100%
- Raytube Intensity: 1 to 100%
- LED Wand Intensity: 1 to 100%
- Auxiliary Intensity: 1 to 100%
- Run Time: 1 to 120 minutes
- Soft Start/Stop: Yes or No
- Automatic Shutoff: Yes or No
- Frequencies: Single (Frequency A only) or Dual (Frequency A & B simultaneously)
- Frequency A: Waveform type: Select from 15 types (Mhz frequencies- Square or Square Sweep only)
Range: 1 to 100,000 Hz, 1.00 Mhz, 1.25 Mhz, and 1.67 Mhz *Resolution: 1 to 9.99999 to 0.00001 Hz, 10 to 99.9999- 0.0001 Hz, 100 to 999.999- 0.001 Hz,1,000 to 9,999.99 Hz- 0.01 Hz, 10,000 to 99,999.9 Hz- 0.1 Hz
- Frequency B: Waveform type: Select from 15 types
Range: 1 to 100,000 Hz, *Resolution: 1 to 9.99999 to 0.00001 Hz, 10 to 99.9999- 0.0001 Hz, 100 to 999.999- 0.001 Hz, 1,000 to 9,999.99 Hz- 0.01 Hz, 10,000 to 99,999.9 Hz- 0.1 Hz
- Sequence: Up to 80 single frequencies for Single, or up to 40 dual frequency pairs for Dual Waveform Types:
Square, Square Sweep, Sine, Trapezoid, Triangle, Linear Ramp Up, Linear Ramp Down, Exponential Ramp Up, Exponential Ramp Down, Odd Order Harmonics, Even Order Harmonics, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4 ELECTROTHERAPY DEVICE – DISCLAIMER: The BCX Ultra Plasma Frequency Instrument is not approved by the F.D.A. as a Medical Device. They are experimental electronic instruments. They are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans. They are not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body. If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional. NOTE: You should realize though, that you do have LEGAL Rights to self-medicate under the 9th Amendment of the United States Constitution. PRECAUTIONS:
* DO NOT use ANY Electrotherapy Device, if you have a Cardiac Pacemaker, Internal Defibrillator or Metal Implant. DO NOT use ANY Electrotherapy Device, if you are a Pregnant Woman, have Heart Disease, are driving or are using HAZARDOUS Machinery.
* These Devices should also be kept out of reach of Children.
* DO NOT place Electrode Pads over Skin Lesions, Abrasions, NEW Scars, Cuts, Eruptions, or Sunburn.
* DO NOT advance Output Amplitude to UNCOMFORTABLE Levels.
* DO NOT fall asleep, while using.
* If you feel Sluggish, Faint, Dizzy, Headachy, Nauseous, or have Flu-like Symptoms after Exposures, REDUCE Number of Pulses per Session and/or SHORTEN Session Times.
* Use CAUTION, if you have IMPAIRED Kidney or Liver Function. Optional FREE-STANDING VORTEX MODULATOR and FOOT BATH also available on this site.


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