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BCX Ultra

BCX Ultra Footbath

BCX Ultra Footbath

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We are now offering the new BCX Ultra Footbath. For some time we realized that using a footbath after a Rife treatment was a very good method to disgorge the toxins built up from using the frequencies. In other words the herxes were greatly diminished. The BCX Ultra Foot Bath is very easy to use in dialing up the time and intensity. It uses titanium plates to reduce the release of oxidized metal in the water. Unfortunately, many people claim that all the scum that is visible in the footbath after a person has taken a footbath is garbage coming out of the body. Most of it is the oxidized metal that oxidized off the electrode from the electrolysis between the electrodes. Don’t believe it? Try running the foot bath without any one using the unit and you will see pretty much the same color. This isn’t to say that unwanted chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins aren’t being released when one is enjoying a footbath. The BCX Ultra Foot Bath will have the capability to be plugged in with the BCX Ultra Rife, which will give The BCX Footbath a double detoxing affect. Yes, while doing the footbath you can use the frequencies for detox by using the Ultra simultaneously. People are reporting getting some major detox by using the BCX Ultra and the BCX Ultra Foot Bath together. We believe that the BCX are the only ones in the world that have the capability to simultaneously run a footbath with Rife frequencies. We find that it takes 1 teaspoon or less of salt to run the BCX Ultra Footbath.


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