60 tablets - Designs For Health Many of you have seen excellent results in maintaining normal cholesterol levels with time-release niacin. Controlled Release Technology (CRT) is the latest technology for delivering niacin in a continuous, controlled rate over a 12-14 hour period. Flushing sometimes happens with time-release niacin as there can be fairly large surges of niacin released intermittently over a 6-8 hour period. However, flushing is far less likely with controlled release niacin. Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 tablet
Servings per Container: 60 Amount Per Serving:
Niacin (as Nicotinic Acid) 500 mg
Sodium 17 mg Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium bicarbonate, pectin, stearic acid (vegetable source) Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take one tablet daily with meals or as directed by your health care practitioner. Warning: Niacin CRT™ incorporates technology which helps minimize instances of flushing. However, some individuals who may be sensitive to niacin and its various forms may still experience temporary flushing, vasodilation, and hot flash-like symptoms. STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product does not contain wheat, yeast, soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives.
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