Q-Link SRT-3 OASYS Portable - NEW! (Widest range of SRT-3 protection)


Descending from the popular Q-Link ALLY™ Portable comes the all-new, state of the art Q-Link OASYS™ Portable, generating a robust, harmonious and energetically enriched 70 foot (21.34 meter) omni-directional haven of SRT-3™. Without question, this is the widest and most effective operating range ever offered by a singular powered or rechargeable Q-Link product.

Featuring an innovative high-capacity internal battery charging circuit, you can also maintain your SRT-3 experience on-the-move and amidst virtually any remote locale. OASYS has a 1 hour quick-charge feature that yields 6-8 hours of unplugged operation; with a 10 hour charge, OASYS can function up to 72 hours unplugged.

On or off the grid, OASYS is a beneficial and indispensable ally for individuals and groups wishing to dynamically transform personal, living, working and otherwise functional environments to achieve enhanced well-being, performance and quality of life.

With 100+ SRT-3 resonance enhancing frequencies in play, users of powered Q-Link products often report, experience and enjoy greater focus, productivity, concentration, calm, vitality, awareness, creativity, interpersonal synergy, coherence and more.

Compact and lightweight, OASYS transports easily, fitting neatly into a backpack, purse, briefcase or other small carry-all. OASYS is ideal for large spaces, well-being & life improvement areas, in retail, commercial & technology environments, customer care centers, retreat & event settings, whole homes & offices, manufacturing facilities, and other specialty and remote applications.

OASYS includes a 5.3 foot (1.62 meter) USB charging cable, AC-USB wall adapter and one set of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Optional shock absorbing outer case available for purchase separately.

No software required.

Manufactured/Hand built with clarity in the USA. 

Outer Case Type: Translucent Acrylic
Battery Type: Rechargeable AA, 2600 mAh x 2
Dimensions: 5"L x 2.5"W x 1"H

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