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Fact: we are a world committed to technology, especially when technology provides immediate access to people and information. How many people do NOT own a microwave - or several at office, home, garage? Cell Phones and computers were not around a few years ago and now it seems as though even the youngest child who can carry and poke has a cell phone on their person 'just in case of an emergency'.

And who can compete in the communications world without a computer on the desk, a laptop in the backpack, or an iPhone variation in the pocket/purse/belt? Can anyone remember the telephone that was on a cord in a room in the house where you actually had to walk to to answer? Is anyone without the various digital radios, timers, televisions with video games, etc.? That is just the way we live today - too little concerned about the side effects of 'convenience' and not concerned enough about the daily increasing amount of electromagnetic energy filling our breathing and living space - energy that has been proven to kill bees and diminish other wildlife as well as injure our sacred green earth.

The highlights and table of contents:
1. Know The Evidence - contrary to what you may be hearing, the jury is not still out. The extensive research findings may surprise you.
2. Know Your Risks - this detailed questionnaire gives you an idea of your exposure from devices and environments, and how your health issues may be related.
3. Safer Solutions - offers up-to-date information on the various wireless and wired devices. We list the concern, and safer ways to use: cell phones, PDAs, headsets, cordless phones, wireless Internet, laptops, microwave ovens, baby monitors, fluorescent lights, electric/hybrid cars and more.
4. Your Action Plan - using this information you can develop your personal strategies.
Hope For The Future - advocates and researchers encourage us with their hopes for the future. This was a challenge for some who have been lone voices in the wilderness.

Paperback by Kerry Crofton, PhD
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