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Love Bottle 1000 ml (34 fl.oz.)

Love Bottle 1000 ml (34 fl.oz.)
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1000 ml (34 fl.oz.) reusable glass bottle with a watertight swing-top lid made of stainless steel, ceramic, and silicone.

This bottle comes standard with our heart logo lid.

The bottles are dishwasher safe, but the printed designs may slowly fade with frequent washings. Gentle hand washing can help your design last longer. If you are only using the bottle for water then a daily rinse with an occasional wash can do the trick.

To wash: put some soapy water in the bottle, close the lid, shake, and rinse. Occasional cleaning with our cleaning brush can help reach those hard to get places.

*Do not use extreme temperatures when using your bottle as with any glass product.

Dimensions: 12 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide. Mouth diameter: 1 inch Weight: 1.5 lb

Writing on Your Bottle: You can write on the clear part of the bottle or the printed area of the bottle.

Use a permanent marker on the non printed glass area and it will come off the next time you wash it.

Use a premanent marker on the printed area and it will last through the wash, though it will fade or come off with time.

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