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Digestive Enhancement Enzymes, 120 caps

Digestive Enhancement Enzymes, 120 caps
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Digestive Enhancement Enzymes, 120 Capsules - HealthForce Nutritionals

Enzymes are crucially involved in nearly all body processes, including the breakdown of food so that it is utilizable. All food cooked over approximately 118 degrees is devoid of enzymes. Cooking, canning, and other processes destroy vital enzymes. So if you eat cooked food, it is essential to replace the enzymes that have been destroyed. Lack of enzymes causes your food to be only partially digested. Thus, nutrients are less available, and the undigested food is actually quite harmful to your body. To be healthy, we need (among other things) to fully digest our food and have high levels of metabolic enzymes. The way to do this is to give your body the best nutrition you can via lots of raw, uncooked plant foods, regenerative biocompatible nutritional supplements, and supplemental digestive enzymes, among other things. Having to produce all of the digestive enzymes on its own drains the body and causes its production of metabolic enzymes to diminish (not good for one's health, causing disease, aging, degeneration, lack of vitality, and more).

Metabolic enzymes include metabolic ANTIOXIDANT ENZYMES. If enzyme-less foods (cooked/heated over approximately 118°F) or un-soaked nuts/seeds/grains are eaten, the body's supply of metabolic antioxidant enzymes will diminish and your cells will suffer more Free Radical Damage. Free radicals are one of the direct causative agents in disease and aging, and keeping them under control is essential to health. Digestion Enhancement Enzymes will help to nutritionally support increased levels of metabolic ANTIOXIDANTS.

Digestion Enhancement Enzymes will replace enzymes totally absent in cooked foods and possibly lowered in raw foods. It will significantly increase the absorption, assimilation, and utilization of food and other supplements taken with it! It will insure that your body's precious metabolic enzyme reserve will not be drained, and your ability to cleanse, heal, and regenerate (regardless of your health challenge). It also minimizes toxic, totally undigested or only partially digested food particles. Some of these toxic particles otherwise enter the bloodstream and cause problems there; (such as allergies), while others are fermented or putrefied by bacteria, producing gas.

Ingredients: Each 2 Vcaps® provide: Protease-25,000 HUT, Acid Specific Protease-200 SAP, Lipase-400 LU, Amylase-5,000 DU, Cellulase-1000 CMC, Lactase-400 LAC, Bromelain (from pineapple)-10,000 FCC, Papain (from papaya)-12,000 PU

*** This is a statement of nutritional support. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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