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Bugs 'R' Done

Bugs 'R' Done
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16 Fluid ounces

The best and safest possible approach to killing pesky insects is a selective one employed by EnviroMan's patented BUGS 'R' DONE™. It takes advantage of differences between insects and humans. Unlike man, the breathing passages of ants and all other insects are waterproofed by a wax lining. The ingredients in BUGS 'R' DONE™ soften and dissolve this wax lining, clogging the passageways and quickly leading to the insect's death. Human users and animals, especially sensitive cats, dogs and birds all are unaffected, as is the environment.

Environmentally Safe Insecticide
Being entirely free of useless water or surfactants, BUGS 'R' DONE™ spray dries in minutes leaving no visible stains on hard surfaces.
It is biodegradable, and, best of all, its EPA-approved
The label bears none of the usual warnings and precautions found on all nonselective name brand insect killers that more often than not can be toxic to users as well as insect pests!

BUGS 'R DONE™ is environmentally friendly. However, BUGS 'R'DONE™ is absolutely lethal to insects; flies, ants, roaches, fleas, mosquitos, spiders and others. All meet their match! None survive!!
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